About the Studio

You can learn how to sing and/or play piano! In a private, personalized, one-on-one setting, all voice students can improve their sound, their range, and learn to be a performer. Piano students can learn to play the piano while playing various types of music. Ambitious students can also learn to sing while accompanying themselves on the piano. Students can learn a variety of styles such as country, pop, gospel, classical, folk and musical theatre. Training in music theory and sight singing is also available. All students learn to improve their musical ears and become more confident performers.

Piano and voice students can do festival and exam preparation, share their musical gifts with others at performances, or just take lessons for their own enjoyment. Everyone is given the opportunity (but not required) to share their music at two recitals and at the local music festival every year. There are other opportunities at community events and competitions for those who like to do more.

About the Teacher
Debbie Fedoruk has been teaching music in the Vegreville, AB area for the past Thirteen years. She has a Bachelor of Sacred Music, a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master's of Education. She began her career teaching voice to post-secondary students at several colleges, in Edmonton and Calgary, and did her master's thesis on the teaching styles of voice teachers. She wanted to learn how to make everyone sound better, not just those who had natural talent.

As her own children became old enough to learn music, she broadened her scope to teach piano (having studied piano through her public school years and at college) and also began to teach voice to people of all ages. She enjoys the variety of students, the diversity in teaching piano and voice, and the challenge of teaching all kinds of music. It is thrilling to hear students progress, from having few skills and being afraid of audiences to seeing them thrive and become confident in their playing and singing, bringing joy to other people.

The Benefits of Music Education...
  • teaches practical musical skills on the voice or piano,
  • musical literacy,
  • music appreciation,
  • self-discipline,
  • confidence,
  • creativity,
  • is an outlet for self-expression and
  • helps to create a well-rounded individual!

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